Urban Gardens

Urban gardening is all the rage now.  I have certainly posted about it enough and when we were in the museums last week I found these books in one of the museum bookstores.

It has been fun being in two metropolitan areas this week and seeing all the urban agriculture going on here.   The farmer’s market in Baltimore was small but I met the most engaging young man who is the front person for the Charles North Cooperative Garden.   50% for the members/50% for the community.  What a great concept. He is a community organizer and not a farmer but he and the other folks of this co-op have made a great garden in the middle of a low-income neighborhood in B’more.   It was very inspiring to talk to him.   Please visit their Facebook page and learn more about them.

Here’s some shots of the rest of the market.

Muffy’s Garden.

But I have to give kudos to my friends Muffy and Bobbert.   They have taken a typically tiny Georgetown backyard and turned it into something that not only feeds them but also the squirrels.  Muffy made me such great pesto from their basil and we ate all the tomatoes we could get to before the squirrels did.  Here are some pictures and evidence of the squirrel thievery.

Tomatoes before harvest.

Can you see the red and green tomatoes sitting on the fence? Those are the ones that the squirrels are helping to harvest. Damn squirrels!


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  1. It seems like cooperatives might be making a comeback!


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