Broody Hens, Potato Bugs and Politics

It’s taken me a week to recover from my Political Vacation but I’m home now and back into my usual routine.

There was one quote from the Convention that I wanted to include but didn’t make the original list.  Ben Manski, Jill Stein’s campaign manager, said “Romney is like the school bully, but Obama is like the guy who says he’ll help you fight the bully, then doesn’t show up.”  Right on Ben!

I came home to a rather weedy garden that hadn’t seen much rain.   We are not having the terrible drought conditions that the southern tier farmers are experiencing, just our usual July/August dry spell.   The Colorado potato beetles hadn’t totally denuded my potato plants thanks to my trusty farm hand and her diligent hand picking of the little buggers.  The rest of the veggies look good.

The apple crop will be rather light this year, but I knew that before I left.  The bees are doing very well.  The new orchard extension looks good.   My root-stock is flourishing.  All in all a very comfortable homecoming to the farm.

But the best news was coming home to find one of my Cochin hens had “gone broody.”  I got here in time to settle her and her seven eggs into our little broody cage, there to sit her clutch and raise her baby chicks.   I am so excited!!!

Although the farm is busy this time of year I will be continuing to update you all on local and national Green politics as this political season progresses.   Oh, and pictures of the babies as soon as they hatch!  Stay tuned.

Mona Lisa in the broody house.


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