Just Walk Away!

The Occupy Augusta encampment.

For some time now I have toyed with the notion of a “Just Walk Away” movement.  Something akin to Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” but this one would actually work and make sense.  The Occupy Movement was a beginning.  Taking back the commons.  Demanding that corporate criminals be punished and stripped of their ill-gotten gains.   But this would be something beyond even those principles.   It would be a “Back to the Land 2.0.”   What the, now aging, Hippies started in the 70’s, when Big Oil started to overplay their hand, could be reborn and revitalized by the Occupy generation.

Just walk away.   Stop giving your money to big corporate banks.   Use Credit Unions.   Don’t shop at Malwart.   You don’t need all that plastic crap anyhow.   Refuse to buy food unless you know, for sure, where it came from.  The list is endless.

Occupy the Capitol.

What finally got me to write this post was a column in our local newspaper.   The FreePress is a great resource for those of us in Mid-coastal Maine.   It tells us what is happening in our area.   Keeps us up to date on local issues.  And has some pretty good, quasi-political columnists.  Joe Steinberger is one.   In his latest epistle “Middle-Class Self-Help” he eloquently says what I have thought for quite a while now:

“If we decide, for example, to give up Pepsi for tap water, we will be getting richer, in health and in disposable income, but all under the radar.  The same is true if we choose to eat beans grown by a neighbor rather than meat from a corporate feedlot, or choose to reduce our use of doctors and hospitals and focus on healthy living, or have one car instead of two, or find a job we can walk to, or make our children’s toys instead of buying them, or make others of the infinite possible choices that can reduce our dependence on the formal economy that is increasingly stacked against us.”


You can make these choices.   Do whatever you can to stop giving your wealth away to people who are just going to use it against you.   Your money, your time, your vote.  All of these are things that you own and can use for the betterment of, if not the whole world, at least your little piece of it.

When I went looking for images to go with this post I found pictures of the Augusta Occupy Encampment that I took last summer and fall and never shared with you all.  Here they are.   Long live the spirit of Occupy.  A movement whose time has come.


Homegrown Goodness.


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