Food for Day 22 of the Mona Lisa Watch and Food for Thought

Mona Lisa on day 22!

I took an extra day off from the Co-op today to stay home with my broody hen, Mona Lisa.   I really want to be around when the remaining three eggs hatch.  She is still turning them and sitting faithfully so I am optimistic that, any day now, we will have chicks.

So I sat around (and spent way too much time on Facebook) and wrote for a while this morning then spent the afternoon in the garden.    I weeded and harvested.   The peas are done for this planting but the cucumbers are coming on and the garlic needed to be pulled.   I also did a heavy-duty weeding of the apple root-stock.   All is looking good.  Here are pictures of the harvest:

Garlic on the screen to dry for storage.

Red, white and blue potatoes.

Cukes and baby carrots.

For dinner I had the most local of all meals.  Fresh from my garden.  I mixed up cukes, tomatoes and carrots with a nice shiitake vinaigrette for a salad.

Freshest salad, ever!

As a main dish I caramelized some fresh garlic in local butter:

Caramelized garlic.

then mixed that with some boiled new potatoes.

Boiled new potatoes, Celtic soul food.

Excellent meal if I do say so myself.

Which leads me to the topic of the day.   We need to grow our own as much as possible.  But when we can’t we have a right to know what we are eating.  To that end in California; home of some of the best, most activist Greens I know; they have on their ballot this fall Prop 37.  This proposition would compel food producers to label their food if it has GMOs.   No surprise,  Big Ag and the pesticide producers are spending mega-bucks to defeat the people’s right to know what they are eating.

 So if you have friends, family, old boyfriends, whatever in Cali get in touch with them and tell them to vote for Prop 37.   Grassroots organizing beats big bucks any day. (I hope) 

2 responses to this post.

  1. Is shitake viniagrette something that you made? Sounds amazing. Good luck with then hen.


  2. Nope, the viniagrette was the only “store bought” part of the meal. My summer farmhand made a tasty version but she is off on another adventure now so I have to resort to “from away” salad dressing. My BFF has some good recipes I will have to get her to share. Oh and the chicks are peeped. I’m posting pictures today!!


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