Common Ground Country Fair Tee Shirts


When you volunteer at Common Ground you get free admission, a wonderful meal cooked by the common kitchen and a tee-shirt.  Each year a different design  with a big VOLUNTEER in red letters across the back.  This year’s design was garlic-scapes.  Very pretty.



But this got me thinking about all the other great Tees I see at the fair. So I decided to try to capture a few on film.  Here they are, along with the people who wear them proudly:

And here are my three tees from the three days of the fair:


And, of course, the most important Tee Shirt you will see on the grounds.  The orange volunteer staff tee shirts.  These are the folks who really make this all work.  Always ready with a helping hand, an answer to your most pressing fair question and/or just a friendly smile. Hurrah for the people who grease the wheels and keep this giant venture moving.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle Shaw on May 23, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    I am looking for a tee shirt from 1992. I would gladly purchase from someone who has one but doesn’t want it anymore, My daughter has loved mine since she was an infant, and it is now in shreds. It would make a wonderful gift for her!


    • Michelle, What is the design? I will keep my eyes open for it. Thanks for the comment. I just took all my son’s old Common Ground tees and made them into a quilt for him this past Christmas, something I had been meaning to do for years. He loves it!


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