The NRA is an Organization of Murderers


Yes, I said it.  The gun lobby, especially the National Rifle Association, is directly responsible for all the shooting murders that happen in this country.   Including 26 innocent lives at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut last Friday.


This may seem like hyperbole, and it is.  I don’t think that every gun owner is a murderer but the gun lobby is.   Any organization that thinks everyone should be armed is a blood thirsty beast, indeed.

The NRA says we have a second amendment right to own guns.  So tell me what “well-regulated militia” was Adam Lanza a part of?



And what; in the name of the goddess; does a rich, suburban, white woman need with an assault rifle?  Preparing for the zombie apocalypse?  Yes, she was the first victim of her weapons collections but I cannot find any sympathy in my heart for her.  Maybe later.

Full disclosure.  I am a gun owner.  I keep a 20 gauge for dispatching sick animals or predators preying on my flock.  In a long tradition of farming I keep a gun as a tool.  In storing it I follow the advice I used to give my patients when I was going through a home safety assessment with them.  Keep it unloaded and keep the ammunition in a separate locked place.  It makes it more difficult to grab the gun when there’s a fisher-cat or skunk or raccoon in the hen yard but it makes damn sure that it won’t go off by mistake and hurt someone I love.  This is basic gun safety.  And if I had a mentally unstable person living with  me there would be no gun in the house, period.

So anyone who is reading this and who is a member of the NRA or any other gun lobbying organization:  how does it feel to have the blood of 20 innocent children and six brave adults on your hands?  Because you do.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cheryl W on December 20, 2012 at 10:41 PM

    I completely agree with you. Every bullet might as well have had the NRA logo on it.
    They enabled this and every mass shooting event that has occurred. As far as I am
    concerned every member and supporter of the NRA has the blood of innocents on
    their hands.


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