Farmers and the Fiscal Fiasco

So,  no big surprise,  the decision in Washington is to kick the can down the road when it comes to the Farm Bill.  In order to keep milk prices from doubling overnight (and many bad things that farmers wouldn’t like) the Agi committees in both the House and Senate are going to renew the current bill.   It will stay in effect until next October.  So farmers will not wake up in the morning operating under the 1949 version of the Farm Bill.


In the midst of the cluster-f**k that is the current Congress of the United States of America the big brainstorm has been:  let’s give ourselves another year to dither….we’re sure that will help our decision-making process.   These mis-managing idiots have decided that after a year of being unable to reach a “grand deal” they will be able to come together, hold hands, sing Kumbaya and agree on something over the next 12 months.   They remind me of my kid when it was time to get up in the morning.  “Just five more minutes, Mom.”  Somehow I don’t think the juveniles in DC are going to be anymore willing to make a real deal, one that benefits the majority of Americans, then my teenage son was to get out of his warm bed on a cold morning.


But milk won’t cost $7 a gallon next week so I guess that’s something.

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  1. And I fear dithering we will do…


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