God Made a Farmer and Then He Made Monsanto

So I watched the “God Made a Farmer” commercial on YouTube (because I do not watch the Superbowl, but that is a different post, suffice it to say I call Superbowl Sunday “The Biggest Single Day of Domestic Violence Incidence in the Year”  which it is)  and of course I got all misty because Paul Harvey was one hell of a writer even if his politics are a bit too conservative for me.   I was torn.  It was a great piece.   Even if it was a commercial for a gas guzzling road hog.   I wondered how I could, in good conscience, blog about it.   Then my friend Tom Luther sent me this on Facebook.   Thanks Tom.   Think of these as both sides of the story.  Or better yet think of it as…the rest of the story.


3/2/13 Update.   The funny video has been removed.   Thanks Monsanto.   We should all chip together and buy them a sense of humor.

3/10/13 Update #2.  See the comment section of my post “Broken Girls”  one of my wonderful followers has put the funny video there.  I will try to move it back into this post when I have a minute but for now it is there.   Thanks!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Very eerie feeling. What has that video been removed? Monsanto controlling that too?


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