Local Food Council Talks with its Shovels

Prize Winning Corn at the Common Ground Fair

Prize Winning Corn at the Common Ground Fair

Yesterday I went to a meeting of the Waldo County Local Food Council.   I went with trepidation, really afraid that it was going to be just one more meeting with no real action.


But this was a collection of women who are not interested in meeting for the sake of meeting and who really do want to address the issues that stand between local farmers and the people who want to eat their food.


As proof of this one of the women in the group spontaneously created a Facebook page today and she also linked to a TED talk by Ron Finley a garden activist from South Central Los Angeles.


You remember South Central.   I kind of half heartedly blogged about it quite awhile ago, clearly I was not as angry about this tragedy as I should have been. That’s the place where they padlocked and bulldozed the community garden because …..well no one is really sure why it was done except that a selfish land owner was not getting any money for it’s use so the use must be a bad idea.   But one of the many things Ron says may be the closest to the truth of why planting in public and other unused spaces is considered so subversive.   He says “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.”   And you know how the government feels about us printing our own money.    Remember, remember, remember.   Kissinger said “he who controls the food, controls the people.”


But perhaps my favorite line from this TED talk is when Ron says “ if you want to meet with me don’t call me to come sit in some cushy chairs and talk.   Come to my garden with your shovel.”    I am very hopeful that the WCLFC will turn out to be a group that does it’s talking with its shovels.


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