Merry Men

Just finished reading “Merry Men”  by Maine author Carolyn Chute.   She is definitely my new favorite populist novelist!!!!   What a great writer and a great mind.

The Author and Her Husband at Home.

The Author and Her Husband at Home.

I would like to share the dedication to the book and then urge all of you to go and read all 695 pages of this magnificent book about real life in rural Maine.

“Please let me honor here all the farmers who still work the land themselves, who are not agribusinessmen or agribusinesswomen, but farmers, who know family and community interdependence….America’s last vestiges of freedom.

And in honor to all those millions who were born to be farmers, as they have been for thousands of years, but because of modern, “education,” Big Business, and Mechanization they cannot be and will never know their true gift but are instead herded into welfare lines, prisons, or the slavery of Big Business…may they find it —the gift—in another life, another world.”

All of her novels are good but this one is an epic.   And it has a message.   Something that my creative writing teachers keep telling me you can’t/shouldn’t/mustn’t do.    This book cries Bullshit on that school of thinking,  Hurrah!!!!  Some of the world’s greatest literature has a message.    And certainly most folktales do.  The message of this  particular tale resonates with me now because I am in the midst of the new populist movement.   The one that says you have a right to feed yourself and your loved ones without getting permission from the government or any corporations.

Fight fascism.   Grow your own!!!!


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  1. Posted by beedyp on August 31, 2013 at 4:43 PM

    Thanks for bringing Carolyn Shute to the fore. I hope she’s OK. Gary Lawless stays in touch, I think.



  2. Putting this on my reading list. Thanks for sharing.


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