Tin Foil Hat, You Say?

This post is for all my friends and acquaintances who think I am a tinfoil-hat-wearing-paranoid.    Sometimes they really are spying on us, sneaking around, and trying to discredit us.   At a meeting the other day a friend mentioned the name Tyrone Hayes.   Well, I had never heard of Dr. Hayes before that and I wrote down his name to look up later.  Then today another friend posted this article about Syngenta’s campaign to discredit any scientist that dared question the safety of its products.    And there was Dr. Hayes.   Target #1 on their slimy corporate hit list.   Read this article and then tell me the SOBs aren’t out to get us.

In a recent profile of Hayes in the New Yorker there is this quote “the scientists wrote that one set of studies on a single species was ‘not a sufficient edifice on which to build a regulary assessment.” Citing a paper by Hayes, who had done an analysis of sixteen atrazine studies, they wrote that “the single best predictor of whether or not the herbicide atrazine had a significant effect in a study was the funding source.'”  Go read that one, too.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. No surprise about this corporate bullying. I’m working on a fiction piece about Monsanto’s dirty tricks. This makes good subject matter for the villian.


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