This is where I am this weekend.   Not planting seedlings.   Sitting at this great event in Boston listening to a wonderful duo of poetry slammers that call themselves Climbing PoeTree.   Lots and lots of people here.  Some that I already know.   Many I will know by the end of the weekend.  This morning I am going to a workshop titled “A Localist Agenda: Policy and Politics for Building a Community-Scaled Economy”  More later.

And for those long time fans of this blog you know that the last time I tried to live blog an event I was attending I had a computer disaster.  This time the only problem seems to be getting signed into the network (thanks to my marvelous children who bought me this slick new laptop!) but right now I have that licked.  Hurrah.   As I said more later.


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  1. Posted by Brian Jones on June 7, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    Betsy, I’m really interested in what you learn in “A Localist Agenda: Policy and Politics for Building a Community-Scaled Economy.” Take good notes.


  2. Posted by beedyp on June 7, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    Hi Betsy, Nancy R

    Really enjoyed the Common Ground WERU program Friday, especially what you both had to say (chapters, urban/suburban “homesteading”…), learning from people nearby, someone else’s story about starting in an apartment with worm composting and having to move on to growing stuff because of all the good growing medium!

    And I’d be at Farm and Homestead (great promotion!) but we have our giant chorus concert that day, quite a regional community building phenomenon in itself.




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