Final Day(s)

Went to “A Network Approach to Collective Impact: The Vermont Farm to Plate Story” yet another fantastic workshop.  I thought I knew this story, but I didn’t.   Go to their website, their Food System Atlas.  Very, very detailed and complex but as I have learned over the course of these two days (has it really been only two days, seems much, much longer) complexity is not our enemy.  As Marta Ceroni said this morning we have been over simplifying far too long.  We need to wrestle with the complexities of this mess in which we find ourselves.

So if you can go ahead and watch the live stream of the closing session.  If it is half as good as the rest of the weekend has been it will be worth your time.

Oh, and the title, it is a sad pun on the fact that we may be living in the final days.   As Ed Whitfield said at the beginning of this weekend:  the planet is going to survive us.   But we may not survive US!


I’m tired and really not as discouraged as this post might suggest.   Maybe I am just so tired I am being silly, you decide.


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