Ms. Garrold Goes to Washington Part One

Well, as some of you know (and many of you don’t) I am checking another box on the old bucket list. I am spending the summer as an “intern” in Washington DC. Well, not really an intern. I am going to be holding down the fort and doing the administrative work at the office of the National Family Farm Coalition, I am on the executive committee of NFFC and since the tragic loss of our long time Executive Director our acting ED has been staying in DC to run the office. It was time to give her a break and let her go on home, so here I am. I will scatter links throughout this post so you can fill in the background of all the events, people and places.
And here is my first week:
Monday: Came down on the train. I do love the train. Only had one incident of people being too loud in the quiet car and I think they may have been a little drunk. They quieted down eventually and I got some napping done and some work. Arrived at the Code Pink House where I will be staying at around 11pm. 

Tuesday: Hit the ground running getting oriented to the ins and outs of running the NFFC office.   Here is the view from my office window.  Yes, that is one of the Senate office buildings (Hart)!  Had lunch at Sweet Greens (thank you Lisa) and then dinner with my housemates and Medea Benjamin. Shrimp and Grits! [I promise not to give you the blow by blow of every meal but since my job/passion/activism is food oriented I am hitting the highlights of my first week as a foodie in DC.]

Wednesday: Took a call from a friend who is helping run a Green candidate’s campaign for Congress. Hope I gave him some good advice. Then took my lunch hour to join the Code Pink “Laugh-in” demonstration outside the Department of Justice. Great fun. Lots of cops, in fact I think at one point the cops outnumbered the protesters. What the hell are they so afraid of? Little old white haired ladies in pink t-shirts. Come on guys grow a pair!
Thursday: All day at the Friends of the Earth office participating in a Pollinator Protection Network meeting. Lots of great energy in that room and lots of interest in the current Farm Bill. Long day, however.
Friday: A somewhat lighter day. Had a call with a videographer who is going to film case studies with midwestern farmers around the bio-fuels issue. Had lunch at the Supreme Court (not that great). On my way back from the bank got stopped by a parade of cops on bikes. And cops on motorcycles. Impressive (and I don’t mean that in a good way.) Had dinner at a great little Ethiopian restaurant in the neighborhood.
Saturday: Farmer’s Market at Rhode Island Row. Staples shopping at the Yes market. Otherwise a quiet day. Oh, except for when I had to climb up into the attic to dig out Code Pink t-shirts for one of my housemates. That made my heart race a bit.
Sunday: To celebrate Mother’s Day I started the day by calling my Mom. In the afternoon, after a leisurely read of the Washington Post I watched a chick-flick and weeded the backyard garden. Then video called my wonderful Reason-I’m-a-Mother. He makes me prouder everyday. Now off to get some sleep and start again tomorrow with a farm credit crisis strategy luncheon.


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  1. Posted by Brad Sherwood on May 16, 2017 at 7:04 AM

    Good for you. Hope you find DC very rewarding.

    Brad Sherwood 207-212-1803



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