Ms. Garrold Goes to Washington Part 3

Third week in the swamp. Actually only a partial week as I had to fly home for a board meeting on Thursday (and the weather has not been that steamy.)   The good part of that hiatus being that I got to see my wonderful Child and his wonderful Fiancé and the progress they are making on their little cabin on the farm.

Otherwise a fairly uneventful week. Monday we talked with the intern who is coming into the office the beginning of June via Skype. Technology is a wonderful thing.
Tuesday we interviewed candidates for the Policy Director position at National Family Farm Coalition. More about that as it develops. The big deal on Tuesday was that the Maine Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the Maine Senate’s request for an opinion on the constitutionality of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). The people of Maine passed a referendum question making RCV the law of the state last November but the two corporate parties are doing everything in their power to stymie that decision. You can go here to read the 40+ page decision and here to chime in and help the League of Women Voters defend the will of the Maine people. I will be doing what I can from down here.
Wednesday I was on a nationwide conference call about the impact of 45’s proposed budget. It ain’t pretty out there, let me tell you. Folks are worried. But also semi-confident that this budget is DOA in the Senate so we might be able to fix the most egregious, horrendous cuts.  Those that take an ax to the Farm Bill, the social safety net and everything else except the military industrial complex, of course.
Thursday I flew home to Maine for a board meeting I was dreading and it was every bit as awful as I thought it was going to be. Suffice it to say this is not a board that welcomes dissenting voices and I am nothing if not a dissenting voice.
Friday it rained in Maine. So I rested. But made a really nice supper for everyone who was at The Shire.

Saturday I planted the garden. How nice to dig in the soil with the help of my son and get the potatoes in so they have one less chore on their plates in this busy season.

Sunday I finished up by planting the cucurbits, peppers, basil, and tomatoes. The sauce plants I call them. That leaves only the beans and corn for the kids to get into the ground when they have the time. I arrived back at the Pink House and found the living room full of Veterans for Peace singing “We Shall Overcome.” I am so lucky to be living in this wonderful communal house!
And Monday was Memorial Day. But more about that later.


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