I live on a small, diversified farm in Maine and work at two local cooperative businesses both involved in the production of organic food. I am a former legislative candidate; state party chair and long time political geek.  When I write my political memoir it will be titled “I Was a Teenaged Republican”.    I have been called one of the best political minds in Maine (okay it was by a friend but I think she was sincere).  I really enjoy thinking, talking and writing about politics and agriculture.


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  1. Hello. My name is Mathieu Asselin Asselin, I am a French, New York based photographer.
    I am working on a series of portraits of people a cross USA affected by Monsanto’s corporate way of doing busyness: contamination, lawsuits, harassment etc etc (the list can be big)…
    I am recollecting information about this subject.
    I will appreciate any information about this subject.

    All my best.


  2. God afternoon,

    My name is neil Robertson. I work with STEWC (Stop the East West Corridor) and would like to put up details of the April 6 event on the org. Facebook page, which I’m now “managing”. Any details currently available, including at last a pertial list of participants, would be great, especially the start time and expected length.

    I also work as assistant coordinator for the Maoijne prtisoner Advisory Coalition, and would like to have a table at the event. What do you need from me in order for that to happen?

    Thanks for your help. Take care.

    Neil Robertson
    (207) 431-8533


  3. Well, sorry about my numerous spelling errors in the above post. Good afternoon would probably have been better than God afternoon, but then , you never really know. Also, it’s the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition.
    Yikes. And thanks again.
    Neil Robertson


    • Hi, Neil, I will add your organization to the list. As soon as we have more details I will try to remember to send them along but for now it is going to be a celebratory event we are asking each organization who wants to participate in the presentations to develop some sort of song or skit or chant or something to present. You can table without doing a presentation but we are looking forward to seeing folks creativity at work. Hope that answers at least some of your questions. You can reach me more easily at hgarroldatyahoo.com. Thanks


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